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First try @ Lasagna

February 15, 2011

Let me tell you a secret. I LOVE COOKING. I love watching cooking shows, reading up on food blogs and recipes online and of cause whipping up new dishes. Only reason why i have not been able to is duely because i can’t keep up to the standards of my mum in the kitchen. Hence, i decided not to do anything and just eat what she cooks. Oh well, easy way out huh?

But things definitely changed after my sil came into the family. When we were in Clementi in the first year, we had tried crazy stints in the kitchen by cooking tom yam from scratch – (trust me it was a disaster but my nephews loved it!). We baked brownies and we also tried seafood baked rice. After moving in to Pinnacle and realising that past 1 year our weekends had become a routine and all so boring, the both of us decided to make it get back to our old stints and make it interesting by cooking something new every weekend. Whether it is well received or not by the rest of the family members, the most important part at the end of the day was to have FUN before the start of the work week! The both of us are capable of awesome cooking provided we are given the space and allowance to do what we want in the kitchen.

13th February 2011

The most difficult part when it comes to cooking western food is finding for halal ingredients and at the same time not compromising the taste. But trust me this pack of lasagna is enough for a family of 6. The gundu us ended up buying two boxes without realising that one box was enough for making at least 6 trays of lasagna.

While we were at NTUC shopping for last minute ingredients, we were confused between broth and stock. To be frank i never knew that they were both the same just that broth is in liquid form and stock in solid form. And of cause finding a halal one was equally a challenge as there was not many kinds on the shelve. So we ended up with this birdie’s broth.

You know what was the most amazing part of the whole lasagna adventure? Making the cheese sauce! It was awesome! Never ever in my life have i ever experienced the pleasure of seeing butter,flour and milk turning into such a beautiful combination. The lasagna box comes together with cooking methods at the back. Follow it and you will land yourself with a beautiful lunch/dinner! At the end of dinner, what my dad said was priceless – “So far its the best lasagna i have tasted…” And mind you, being an Indian Man, he doesn’t compliment on food that easily so it was definitely a boost on our ego!

A few changes to note:
Instead of nutmeg it was indian spices.
Instead of stock it was broth.
Instead of beef it was chicken.<


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