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Steamy Steamy Boat…

February 21, 2011

18th February 2011

I won a electric multi cooker as a lucky draw during SP’s CNY dinner. Lucky me! So when i brought it home and shared the joyous news about the new comer for the kitchen, the ladies in the house were exhilarated. (very typical of women right? =P ) And than i suggested loudly to the cooking partner, lets have steamboat this weekend! And weeeee! Here goes my steam boat experience!

The ingredients were all bought from Vivo City Giant. Trust me they have more options. The hotdogs were yummylicious and very different from what you get at normal NTUC. The meat items were squid and chicken (breast meat sliced), seasoned with whatever we could in our hands -(am serious! we added all sorts of funny things) . The steam boat soup was tomyam. We used the tomyam paste and added a few other ingredients (limau,tomato,pepper,chicken bones) to enhance the taste. And trust me it turned out pretty well cause my brother went – the tomyam nice ah….

The tables were set and the only thing i felt was missing were chopsticks! Sigh.. the kitchen is in grave need of proper eating utensils (fork/spoon/chopsticks/spoon soups). The dining area was beautiful once it was set. Loved it so much that inside my heart i was yearning for my own.


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