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June 29, 2011

Thats how my blog should be feeling. n.e.g.l.e.c.t.e.d.

Haven’t cooked anything new lately besides the fact that i have been just doing pasta now and than using watever ingredients i have. At times it tastes yucky, at times it’s just so heavenly. I have no idea why so.

Eating at home has become a pain. By right it shld be the most anticipated place where you’d be having all your craves satisfied, but sadly mine is otherwise. I am not a fan of rice, never have been and never will be (which was why my indo trip’s food part was a disaster. imagine eating rice for both lunch and dinner!). So my dinner is usually either bread with whatever curry which is cooked at home or maggie me, if not pasta if i have the energy to do it when i am back. But the irony is how do you even eat bread with a curry which cannot be defined as curry? Sigh. And the days when i would love to bring food to work(cause i am not so rich), thats when the pots are all emptied out. When i try to fix something for myself, i am accused for causing a racket in the kitchen. Oh my. To add on to this, with my marathon jus 3 weeks away, rice is completely out of my diet. The thought of coming back home (@8:30pm) to cook something for myself totally irks me, because eating so late is another no no and plus since i am human its just normal that i feel tired. Yeap call me a health concious freak or whatever else you would want to, cause i don’t really care. The pain is only known when you work hard to achieve something which is sooo fucking difficult but extremely satisfying when you get there. Don’t know what i mean? Than don’t bother figuring it out.


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