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Life is Short

August 8, 2011

My food rambles blog has turned into a personal ramble blog.

The past 1 week was like an emotional roller coaster for me. Can’t tell you how many times i had tears welled up, just waiting to let go. The series of events made me ponder on the happenings around me. It made me realise how people around me took life for granted with not much appreciation for what they have. 3 deaths in a week. My brother lost his friend whom he had known for 25 years, I lost a friend whom i was close to once upon a time and attended that same friend’s girlfriend’s wake, who took her life on the very same day when he passed away.

In all the 3 deaths,  i saw different kind of mums. A mum who was unable to accept the sudden death of her son, an angry mum who kind of saw her daughter’s death coming and another mum who was praying that her ill son would cheat death and come back home to her soon. Of the 3 mums, the one who took my breath away was my brother’s friend, Rafeeq’s Mum. Ever since the day i visited her, i have not stopped thinking about her and infact i cant wait for my next visit.  I saw a mother’s love and how much the son loved his mum and wanted the very best for her despite knowing that the clock was ticking anytime for him. Their bond must have been extraordinary. I took an instant liking to her when i first saw her and all i could give her when i left was a big hug. I pray Allah (swt) gives her strength to get by her remaining days without her precious son. 

There are 2 different types of people (at least to my knowledge). First type are the ones who have everything in Life but are never satisfied. The second type are the ones who do not have much but are thankful with whatever they have and make do with their Life. Life is short. Be happy with what we have. Give thanks to allah that we have one more day to live and repent for our sins. Cause we never know, our end may be very near. And it could be too late by the time we realise it. [Alas to dust we all return]

And i think i was so drained that after sahur on sunday, i only woke up 2:45pm. Haven’t had that sort of a hibernation in a long time.

After watching the video below, i have promised myself never to whine again for the slightest issue. Inshallah, i hope i remember and keep that promise to myself.


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